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8 Tips for Practicing English!

8 Tips for Practicing English!
Whether you have signed up to take the TOEFL®  test or you are thinking about registering, it is never too early to start preparing for test day! To help you stay motivated, watch 3 test takers, who now work for the company that creates the test, share their tips for practicing for the TOEFL test here! Our former test takers shared many ways you can expose yourself to English that may be helpful as you practice for test day. Some of those tips include:
  1. Listening to audiobooks
  2. Listening to the radio in English
  3. Reading books in English
  4. Listening to music in English
  5. Watching movies in English with English subtitles (for extra reading practice!)
  6. Joining in-person and online English conversation groups
  7. Practicing English with your friends
  8. Using free and official TOEFL practice tests online to track your progress
You can also follow the TOEFL blog for insider test day tipsinspirational stories from former test takers, and what to expect when you go abroad! Connect with TOEFL and other test takers on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn. Share stories, words of wisdom and advice as you watch your TOEFL community grow!

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